So, you want a free pass? We have two.


Must be over 18 years old. Please fill out the form and an email will be sent to you.

Don’t be afraid to give us your phone number, you won’t get a lot of calls from us!

Please Note: This week pass is for trial only. If you previously received a free 3 day pass, free week pass, have a membership or previously had a membership, you will not be eligible for another pass.

3 Day Pass

Not looking for anything fancy? The come on in to the gym and we’ll only ask your name, email, phone, and DL# and you can start working out in 5 min.  Our three day pass is limited to the GYM only and not for any AFT Sessions. 


To receive a free 7 day pass, you must fill out the form below. Afterward, you will be contacted to set up a time to come in and be given an orientation to the gym. The 7 day pass allows you two AFT training sessions to try out that will be scheduled when you come in. Special offers are usually given during the 7 Day Pass Orientation so it’s worth it!